Ways to sleep better

Who else can’t help but think the best way to begin your morning is by waking up to that big crisp morning stretch, yawn and feeling totally blissed out from a well nights rest? We think so too. 


As you may know, to improve ones and health and well being - it’s vital your body feels refreshed for the day ahead. So get your silk eye masks ready and pillows plumped, try following these 5 steps over time to get your body prepared to become the master of quality snooze. 


Tip #1

Now this tip may take some time to get used to if you’re not in the swing of things - turning off that blue light tech before bed. 


Switch the mindless scrolling on Instagram or the endless flicking of channels on tv to practicing a relaxing evening of self care. Run a bubble bath, make yourself a hot cup of camomile tea (perfect to make you sleepy!) create a list of things to do for the next day and enjoy the silence. 


Try to totally avoid the phone, even in night mode and with all the blue light apps. This is your time to just sit and be one with the moment. Winding down instead of winding yourself up is the way to get to sleepy town.


Tip #2

We all know knocking off early is good for the soul but believe it or not, waking up at the same time every day actually creates a true desire to sleep.


Go ahead, make your morning routine so magical for yourself that you can’t help but crave that waking up experience. Make your bed up neat and tidy, refresh yourself with a big glass of water, whip up a delicious brekkie and tea, practice a little bit of yoga. 


Make your mornings an oasis fit for the queen or king you are. 


Tip #3

A clean room is a restful one. Your bedroom is your sanctuary! This is where you begin and end your day, so treat it like an extension of yourself. 


A cooler temperature is another key factor to getting a well nights rest so consider switching on the fan or opening the window before bed. This helps you get to sleep quicker and reduces stress due to your body temperature actually decreasing during sleep, so help yourself out by making it easier to get some rest. 


Keep it clean, invest in a super comfy mattress, bring in some plants to create a bit of life, dim the lights, bring out the lavender mist, fill your room with only your favourite items of clothing and books to the brim or keep it simple. Walk into your room and remind yourself that the intention of this room is to relax or to get a little touchy feely. 


Tip #4

Get the active wear ready, because we all know physical activity promotes better sleep. 


Take your pup for a walk, join a gym with the intention to become a fitter, healthier, stronger, happier version of yourself. Practice some pilates in the comfort of your lounge room. Go for a run at the park with a friend. You don’t have to push yourself to the brim, just get moving. You’ll quickly feel the effects of endorphins after you’ve completed your sesh. 


Exercising is incredible for stress and anxiety and totally tires you out - making it easier to get to sleep at night. 


Tip #5

Another way to reduce stress and anxiety before bed is by making meditation your best friend. 


This doesn’t have to last for hours, you can practice this technique before bed, as you’re waking up or when you’re feeling stressed out. Find a meditation app or music the next time you’re mind is running in bed, practice and watch your mind slowly begin to ease into a state of peace. It takes some time to get used to, so don’t be alarmed if you feel it’s not working or don’t really enjoy it - practice makes perfect. 


When you’re less stressed, it’s a considerable amount easier to slip into a state of total relaxation before sleep. It’s what you deserve, don’t forget that. 


Did you doze off just reading this? We hope we’ve inspired you to pick up maybe even just one of these healthy habits to to incorporate into your daily routines, sweet dreams.