6 Ways To Focus On One Goal At A Time
Looking to achieve tasks the best way possible? Most likely the problem is you’re actually trying to do WAY more than required at once. By focusing on one goal at a time, this allows for you to spend your undivided attention on whatever task at hand. Need a little help? Here’s how to do it:
Concentrate and turn everything off
Distractions are your worst enemy when it comes to completing your goals. Switch off the tv, refrain from checking your phone and be at one with the task ahead. 
Take breaks
When you schedule times to take breaks, this is basically training yourself to reward focus (which you deserve!). Aim to complete a task, take a break and then move onto the next task ahead. Repeat!
Most of us forget the power of the breath when we’re feeling stressed because quite frankly, everything just feels too overwhelming. Take a deep breath as this is the best way to lower stress. Breathe in and out. Close your eyes. Begin your task again and watch your performance sky rocket. 
Write a list of what needs to be completed 
The power of writing a list is way more beneficial than you may think. When you tick things off as you go, you feel a sense of achievement thus allowing you to move forward. Order your tasks in a list of priority - this is how you know what requires your immediate attention and exactly what can be done later. Excellent!
Getting a well nights rest is clearly the most important aspect of focusing on your goals and it has the hugest impact by far. When you feel well rested, you’re more likely to achieve better results as you feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead. So get that well nights rest! 
Organise your mind - organise your surroundings. A mess free zone is a sure fire way to to destress and focus on your work. Something small everyday is the perfect start!
What are some other ways you could try to focus on one goal at a time?